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My name is George Bennett and I’m the founder and owner of GB Articles. I started writing from a very young age and began using the internet as a platform to showcase my writing around two years ago. In June 2016, I decided to create GB Articles and began adding passionate, enthusiastic and talented writers to the team.

Visit our ‘Authors’ page to meet the team and discover our talented group of writers individually. Michael Hurtado and Dan Briard are our main editors and ensure the quality of our posts are to a perfected standard. We mainly specify in ‘Opinion Posts’ and ‘Retro History Reports’ as you’d have seen with our ground breaking ‘BVB Week’ in November 2017.

GB Articles have been ranked 41st place in Feedspot’s Top 100 Soccer Blogs and also host the Facebook group called Football Rant. We’ve had two guest freelance journalists write for us, including Barca Blog and The Barcelona Podcast founder Francesc Tomas and Manchester Evening News Fan Writer Hesham Bilal-Hafiz.

We also deliver regular GB Articles Podcasts via our YouTube page and have various series scheduled for the upcoming months. If you’d like to suggest any subjects you’d like to see covered, simply head over to our Contact page and drop me a quick message. Finally, if you’d like to write for us head over the our Write For Us page to apply.

George Bennett – Founder/Owner of GB Articles