Match Review: Borussia Dortmund 6 – 1 Borussia Mönchengladbach

1st half: Dortmund wear down ‘Gladbach and sweep them off the pitch

As the “Borussia Derby” commenced there was a special feeling in the air in Dortmund. A win would put some distance between BVB and the rest of the table, solidifying first place in the Bundesliga. This felt like a heavyweight bout. For the first ten minutes of this match things were very even. Dortmund dominated possession but were having difficulty finding open passing lanes. As ‘Gladbach sat back, Dortmund’s offence carefully attempted to find space in front of goal.

BVB manager Peter Bosz, again opting to play with a high line, witnessed a few scares in the early stages of the first half as The Foals were able to win possession from Dortmund and launch counter-attacks down the wings, only for the shot to sail wide, or for keeper Roman Bürki to make the save. This happened a few times before The Black and Yellows were able to efficiently combat the BMG counter-offensive.

It was around the 25th minute when everything changed in this match, becoming completely one-sided. Dortmund turned up the intensity and started using the long ball to get behind the ‘Gladbach defense. In the 28th minute, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang received a pass down the right wing and immediately delivered a perfect cross to Maximilian Philipp who made a great run to drill the ball straight into the back of the net for the opening goal of the match. 1:0, BVB.

At this point Dortmund had over 70% possession and were not letting up. It is quickly becoming common knowledge that if a side is not able to quickly equalize after BVB deliver the first goal of the match, they will almost certainly suffer a defeat. As Mönchengladbach desperately searched for a goal to draw even, Dortmund continued their aggressive approach, pressing high and allowing no room for the ‘Gladbach players to string together an organized attack. In the 38th minute, newcomer Jeremy Toljan, overlapping on the left wing, was able to find Maximilian Philipp in front of goal again with a superbly delivered cross for the second score of the evening. 2:0, BVB. Not to be outdone, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang would score his first goal of the match, only seconds before half time, to give Dortmund a commanding 3:0 lead at the break.


2nd half: Borussia Dortmund define the word “Dominance”, break ‘Gladbach’s spirit

‘Gladbach, having not yet lost hope, continued their attempts forward, searching for anything positive to turn the momentum around. In doing so however, they left themselves extremely vulnerable to a BVB offence in top-form, capable to launching a quick attack from any area of the pitch by utilizing the long pass combined with great runs by the forwards. The Foals would again fall victim to the relentless Dortmund offensive in the 49th minute as Aubameyang hit the left post with a header from the centre of the box following a set piece situation, followed immediately with a shot to the bottom right corner off of the rebound. 4:0, BVB.

Surely things would get better for The Foals as Dormtund would let off the gas? Incorrect. Die Schwarz-Gelben were finding loads of space in the ‘Gladbach defensive third of the pitch. The floodgates had opened and Dortmund suddenly had more room to maneuver than they knew what to do with. In the 63rd minute, Mahmoud Dahoud delivered a beautiful pass to Aubameyang, which landed right in front of his feet, allowing the Gabon international to outpace the defenders and score Dortmund’s fifth goal from the right side of the six yard box. The “Dieter Hecking Effect” was out in full force as the Mönchengladbach manager had no answers for The Black and Yellow attack on this night.

All good things must come to an end. Dortmund’s run of clean sheets in the Bundesliga came to a sudden halt as Lars Stindl was finally able to produce a goal for the battered ‘Gladbach side, a right-footed shot from the centre of the box. Everyone could feel that Dortmund were angry now. There would surely be a price to pay for ‘Gladbach scoring that goal. Naturally there would, and it came only moments later.

Julian Weigl, the “do-it-all” CDM (central defensive midfielder) for Borussia Dortmund, is credited with many great passes, assists, and instinctive plays since joining BVB in 2015-16. The one thing he has not added to his resume since coming to the Bundesliga from then-second division side 1860 München, is to score a goal. Well Mr. Weigl, the wait is over. To add the icing onto the cake, the cherry on top of the sundae, the mustard onto the pretzel (you get the point), Julian Weigl added the finishing touch on a match that was over before the whistle blew for half time. Weigl delivered an absolute screamer from outside the box to the top right corner, indeed adding injury to insult. 6:1, BVB.

This was a humiliating, degrading, depressing defeat for Borussia Mönchengladbach. For the other “Borussen” this was an announcement. Forget the wins over Köln, Hamburg, and Wolfsburg. ‘Gladbach are a respected side with a roster more than capable of playing in Europe, and Dortmund absolutely, unequivocally, demolished them. This was a message to Bayern München, RB Leipzig, and Hoffenheim: Peter Bosz’s Borussia Dortmund is legit. This was a performance that Real Madrid or FC Barcelona would be envious of. Clubs around the continent have always respected Dortmund, but for the moment at least, it might be wise to FEAR Dortmund. Bravo Peter Bosz, Bravo.


match facts:

Possession: BVB 79%  –  BMG 21%

Shots: BVB 18  –  BMG 8

Shots on target: BVB 9  –  BMG 5

Corners: BVB 7  –  BMG 0

Fouls: BVB 3  –  BMG 6


MEN of the match: 

The ENTIRE bloody squad, Borussia Dormtund: It is rare you see this dominant of a performance when two sides are honestly, not so unevenly matched. This was a complete bludgeoning of The Foals by Borussia Dortmund. As complete a “team-effort” as you will ever see on the pitch. Reminiscent of Germany’s 7-1 defeat of Brazil at the 2014 World Cup. Dortmund did everything right today that a football club can do right, and it shows in the match facts, as well as the score. Well done Dortmundwell done.

Critty Smith

Critty grew up in Amberg, Germany, but now resides in Charleston, South Carolina in the USA where he follows the Bundesliga, Premier League, and Serie A on a weekly basis. He supports Borussia Dortmund, Liverpool FC, and Inter Milan, but enjoys all football from top to bottom. His favorite players are “Super” Mario Götze, Daniel Sturridge, and Mauro Icardi. You can follow him on twitter @crittysmith

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