Should Bayern Munich Sell Vidal and Sanches and aim for Goretzka?

Despite being the first half of the season, the transfer rumors roll on. Arturo Vidal has once again been linked with a move which would reunite him with Antonio Conte. Meanwhile, Renato Sanches is looking like excess personnel.

Bayern Munich are generally known for clever business tactics. When it comes to transfers, Bayern make sure they avoid wasting their budget for the most part. As such, perhaps the Bavarian club will have some serious decisions to make come summer time when it comes to making moves in the market.

Arturo Vidal has received his fair share of transfer gossip from abroad. Antonio Conte is very clear on his admiration for the Chilean midfield warrior. While Vidal has enjoyed a fairly successful tenure in Munich so far, should Bayern think of offloading him for a healthy sum in the summer?

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On the other hand, Bayern have proven not to have made the smartest of moves with Renato Sanches. The young Portuguese Euro 2016 champion has potential, but has failed to capitalize on it a year and a half later. Currently, he’s plying his trade on loan at Swansea City, and it doesn’t seem to be going well. Given he cost Bayern over 35 million Euros, perhaps cutting their losses – if possible – is the best move.

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Arturo Vidal approaching the latter stages of his career

Arturo Vidal was a high-profile move a few years ago for Bayern Munich. The central midfielder was brought in to bring an injection of tenacity to the midfield following the departure of Bastian Schweinsteiger. His ferocity in his box-to-box and defensive-midfield play, for better and worse, brought bite to Bayern’s game. However, the rumour mill continues to roll on.

Antonio Conte has reiterated his appreciation for Vidal during their time at Juventus. Likewise, Vidal has nothing but positive notions towards the Italian boss for the same reasons. The rumours are increasing as reports are claiming Conte allegedly inquired about the Chilean’s services. 

Given the circumstances of his growing age and Bayern Munich seeking fresh blood, this could be a smart move. Vidal definitely still has game time to give, and if Conte is willing to shell out the cash, then this could be good for both parties. Assuming he doesn’t go anywhere else otherwise, acquiring the signature of Leon Goretzka in exchange – even for free potentially – is a mouthwatering proposition.

Renato Sanches Surplus to Bayern Plans

The other midfield situation is a more unfortunate one. The former Benfica player showed great potential in Portugal. Subsequently, he went onto become a Euro 2016 champion with his national team. However, he just hasn’t hit his stride with Bayern Munich, or with Swansea City for that matter, a year and a half later.

While there’s no denying there is something in Renato that is potentially exciting, whether he is able to take advantage of it is looking unlikely. At least, it doesn’t look likely from Bayern’s perspective. It’s obvious that Bayern’s squad, and midfield, are loaded. As such, there’s no time to experiment for Sanches’ sake.

Renato Sanches was brought in to essentially become an eventual successor to Vidal. He was to be a younger box-to-box-midfield model. He’s unfortunately prone to passing errors and poor decision-making. His loan seems a desperate attempt to salvage his talents and profit.

This situation seems more clear in terms of deciding whether to sell or not.

Enter, Leon Goretzka

The young Schalke star has made waves the past couple seasons. His long-fostered talents at Schalke have really started to bloom. Of course, this paid off with a spot in the senior national team, and winning the Confederations Cup in summer 2017. On top of that, he was one of Germany’s breakthrough stars of the tournament.

As of now, the German fits the mould of what Bayern are looking for. He’s the box-to-box-midfielder with the energy and tenacity to succeed Vidal and replace Sanches. Goretzka’s talents strive in covering the pitch end-to-end. The most notable of which are his ability to make deep clinical runs from midfield to create and take chances on goal. It’s no secret that the midfielder has a fairly healthy hunger for goal.

Likewise, his energetic nature can see him track back to help contribute to the defence with a tenacity to win back possession. Should Barcelona’s – and anyone else’s – efforts to court the young German fail, Bayern should see about getting his services for free come summer. And being able to sell Vidal and Sanches in the summer will give a very positive lump of cash to make at least one big name signing.




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