How Napoli can end Juventus’ dominance this season

Since the start of the season, Napoli have clearly shown their desire to win the league. They have set their minds and eyes solely on getting their hands on the precious Serie A trophy and so far they have delivered. Their football looks more impressive than ever before and if they could keep this up there would be little doubt that we’ll see them ending the season as the table-toppers.

Maurizio Sarri and his men have been on the receiving end of a lot of plaudits lately.

Their impressive performances have brought them great results and in turn resulting in them leading the table up until now.

They’ve shown that they have a very good reason why they should stay up there for the rest of the season, and to get to the position where they are now, it’s not for nothing.

They have sacrificed a lot for their cause. What I mean by ‘sacrifice’ is they are focusing so much on the league that they tend to almost ignore the fact that they still have other competitions to fight for too.

Sarri’s Napoli currently lead Serie A at halfway point, only one point above second-placed Juventus, who seek to defend their title once again for the sixth time in a row.

But they have been eliminated from UEFA Champions League as they finished third in the group stage of the competition behind Manchester City and Shakhtar Donetsk.

They were relegated to the UEFA Europa League though so they still have a chance to compete in Europe though it is a bit unlikely that they would really care so much about it. They are facing a very strong RB Leipzig in the round of 32 of Europa League in February so let’s hope for the best.

They have also been kicked out of Coppa Italia by Gian Piero Gasperini’s Atalanta. Many Napoli fans might not know how to react to this result though, whether they should be happy that they could now set their focus more on Serie A or they should be really mad because they have now lost the chance to add another trophy to their cabinet.

But after the match against Atalanta, the Napoli coach, Maurizio Sarri finally admitted that he and his team were focused more on the league.

We are having an extraordinary season,”

Maurizio Sari said:

We have the right attitude in the league but we suffer more in the cups … certainly, we could have done something better in the cups.”

Maybe subconsciously we apply ourselves more in the league.”

He also said in an interview with Mediaset Premium after their draw in a Serie A match against Inter Milan.

To be honest, I see my team more motivated in Serie A compared to Europe, we played at a high level of determination for 95 minutes, whereas in Manchester it was for 55 minutes.”

He told them:

I think it’s a subconscious thing. If in our minds we feel more competitive in Serie A than in the Champions League, that might be a difficult thing to shake off. After all, we don’t have that much of a chance to go all the way in Europe, but we do want to put in a great tournament performance.”

It’s clear to us now that Sarri and his side aren’t really that interested in going far in any other competitions aside from Serie A. They are far more intrigued in ending Juventus’ reign this season.

But he is also confident that if the team could keep their performances up, they could be strong title contenders – which is a good thing.

If we continue with this level of performance, few teams will be able to get points against us.

Partenopei will face the challenge of Atalanta in Serie A today and Gasperini’s side is well-known as a team that often cause a trouble for bigger teams.

For now, things are looking pretty good for Napoli in Serie A, except the fact that Juventus still haunt them with only one point behind. Though they still have halfway to go and the obstacles aren’t getting easier, their zeal for Serie A – also ending Juventus’ dominance should motivate them to go on until the season ends.

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